Take your Usenet
to the Cloud

Download Usenet files directly to the cloud.
Enjoy your downloads anytime, anywhere, on any device.

NZBCloud - download usenet to the cloud

What is NZBCloud?

NZBCloud is a one-of-a-kind service that lets you upload your Usenet files directly to the cloud.
Compatible with any Newsgroup and any cloud storage, NZBCloud is meant to revolutionize your Usenet experience!

Usenet on mobile devices

For the first time ever, instantly access and enjoy all of your content on any device

Usenet speeds realized

Take full advantage of your Usenet speed and enjoy instant uploads to the cloud

Any cloud storage provider

Use your preferred cloud storage providers to upload and store your downloads

Keep downloading offline

Continue downloading even when you're offline, logged out, or have no Internet

Any Usenet.
Any Cloud.

NZBCloud works with every Usenet provider and any cloud storage.
Choose your preferred providers and enjoy:

NBZCloud for any Usenet and any cloud storage

Usenet perfected

NZBCloud lets you experience Usenet the way it was meant to be.
Instant downloads, unrestricted access, and all of the features you've always wanted.

Usenet on your phone

For the the first time ever, enjoy all of your downloads on mobile devices.
Experience your content the way you want to!

As fast as Usenet can be

Experience instant uploads directly to the cloud.
No restrictions. No throttling. Your Usenet, as fast as it can be.

Stream in-platform

Watch, listen, and read in-platform with any device.
Get instant subtitles to your videos without uploading them.

Keep your devices safe

Keep you devices safe with our built-in antivirus and SSL-encryption.
Enjoy unlimited content that comes with absolute safety.

Keep your data private

Encrypt your storage and keep it private.
Make sure no one will ever be able to access or see your downloads.

Make NZBCloud your own

Choose a plan that best suits your needs and personalize your NZBCloud with our exclusive add-ons

The Usenet you've always wanted

Take your Usenet to the next step of evolution with NZBCloud.

Experience the speed, reliability, and security of Usenet combined with the accessibility of cloud storage.

Upload instantly to the cloud. Access your downloads on any device. Enjoy all of your content with one intuitive app.

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PRO PACK 1 month

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$155.4 $59.88 for the year